Please note: the service contract for this position will not be concluded with Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH but with GULP Consulting Services GmbH

Boehringer Ingelheim

Change Management Consultant (m/f/n)

Posted Sep 25, 2023
Project ID: BIJP00000979
Ingelheim am Rhein
40 hrs/week
7 months
Starts: Jun 1, 2023
Ends: Dec 31, 2023
Payrate range

Project Name:

Agile Coaching for One Medicine Platform (OMP)

Project Description :

It is exciting times in Boehringer Ingelheim! BI is transforming the way that they do business and need more Agile Coaches.

The One Medicine Platform is a newly established platform, which will consist of several Platform Teams, who will be working closely with multiple Product Teams in the RDM organization. The platform is new with new Teams and with no existing knowledge of the Agile Methodology, the Ways of Working aren’t established yet, the managers are also new to agile, but are eager to learn and support, due to this an external Contractor is needed

Background to the assignment

The Contractor takes the role of an Agile Coach

The Contractor will provide following services based on his previous expertise & expertise in the Agile Coaching field.

BI will be providing all necessary information, documents, access to relevant systems and all other requirements in advance.

  • Coaching and consulting product teams and managers to understand and practice agile ways of working in the form of below described workshops.

  • Creating an environment of trust and great dynamics, where people perform their best and work together, where people have fun while delivering and where they are confident in raising impediments and issues. This will be done by interactive collaborative coaching sessions with the Product teams and coaching on the agile principles.

  • Coaching and Mentoring Scrum Masters and Agile Experts on Product team level this includes scheduling and planning of Virtual and On-Site Workshops and 1:1 meetings with the Product Teams. Workshop creation entails documentation creation.

  • Coaching and steering the existing Transformation Team and Contributing to transformational activities, this includes scheduling and planning of Virtual and On-Site Workshops and 1:1 meetings with the Product Teams, as well as attending regular meetings (multiple times per week). Workshop creation entails documentation creation.

  • Active participation in the Agile Coaching Chapter in the form of Participating on weekly meetings and overtaking the facilitation of the meetings for the Agile Coaching Chapter meetings.

  • The above-mentioned activities will be documented in Meeting Minutes/Collaboration Boards. This work will be turned over to BI for review and further usage.

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