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Boehringer Ingelheim

Procurement Manager (m-f-n)

Posted Feb 4, 2021
Project ID: BIJP00000568
Ingelheim am Rhein
40 hrs/week
3 months
Starts: Feb 15, 2021
Ends: May 14, 2021
Payrate range

Project name:

Pricing & Contracting Strategy Development for two COVID-19 treatments

Project description:

The service is requested as part of Boehringer Ingelheim's efforts to develop therapeutic options to treat or prevent COVID-19 infections and related complications (target indications). The project has the ultimate purpose to provide equitable access to two of Boehringer Ingelheim's COVID-19 treatments under emergency conditions. More specifically, it will inform pricing & contracting approaches for two COVID-19 treatments, in light of public and government scrutiny, high demand for supply securities and non-traditional procurement and contracting pathways for COVID-19 treatments.

Task description:

The service will entail the following tasks:

-   Independent consolidation of market research, existing internal analyses and publically available data on pricing and access to develop a Pricing & Contracting Strategy for two treatments in the target indications, including:

o   Development and delivery of a landscape analysis, and competitive landscape assessments on pricing & access trends and opportunities in the target indications

o   Mapping and evaluation of feasible Pricing, access & contracting pathways and processes within the framework of BI pricing & access principles

o   Evaluation of payer value drivers, evidence and Terms & Condition (T&C) requirements along identified and prioritized pathways based on existing competitive insights and extensive existing expertise

o   Evaluation and development of different pricing, contracting and procurement strategies for the two COVID-19 compounds in question based on extensive existing expertise

o   Development of negotiation materials and guidelines enabling countries to negotiate equitable access for the two COVID-19 treatments in question with national, regional and local governments and/or Non-Governmental-Organizations (NGOs)

-based on the above consolidated data and extensive existing external Pricing, Contracting and Procurement knowledge in terms of Excel sheets and presentations.

-   All results will be delivered to the BI Pricing & Contracting lead for the two products for review and approval.

-   Consult the legal manager in developing T&C frameworks enabling countries to contract access and supply deals with national, regional and local governments and/or NGOs based on approved results of the above analyses and extensive external Pricing, Contracting and Procurement knowledge.

In light of the market conditions, we expect significant synergies by pooling the tasks above across two of our compounds.

The performance of the contractor has the goal to develop and deliver key-elements of BI's pricing & contracting strategy for two COVID-19 treatments, to contribute to the development of implementation guidelines, and ultimately to allow equitable patient access to two of our COVID-19 assets.

Possible timelines to be kept:

Compound 1 may already receive emergency use authorization as early as in November 2021. Communication readiness towards the public and governments is already required in the course of March.

Compound 2 may already receive emergency use authorizations in December 2021. We anticipate an increasing number of government / NGO inquiries on supply deals with publication of Phase II and Phase III interim data, starting as early as late April/early May.

Key elements of the Pricing & Contracting Strategy will be shared with regions and affiliates on a rolling basis, as and when they are available.

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