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Boehringer Ingelheim

Change Management Consultant (m/f/n)

Posted Jun 22, 2021
Project ID: BIJP00000640
Ingelheim am Rhein
36 hrs/week
5 months
Starts: Jul 1, 2021
Ends: Nov 30, 2021
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Create roll-out readiness for a new global organization for Engineering, Site Services, EHS (Environment, Health& Safety) and Security - with clear mandates, roles, structures and governance in a uniform way across levels and geographies. The goals are described as a) Connect all competencies into one organization, ensuring steering, governance and standardization to support sites with high quality services, b) Establish a true global business partner for site operations towards our business to allow full focus on core expertise and deliver distinctive products to our customers and patients, c) Continuously provide fast and high-quality service following common standards while proactively managing organizational risks and d) Manage global CapEx ensuring efficient execution and service delivery

Communication and change management conceptualizing, planning and execution, that includes:

-   Conduct a thorough briefing and analysis, incl. change gap analysis, to derive tangible communication and change goals. This will be based on existing data, previously collected in another project but also by to be conducted interviews with project members as well as stakeholders (contact lists will be provided by BI), such as employees in those four functions.

-   Develop SWOT, stakeholder analysis and target group mapping, based on information provided by the other project workstreams and own interviews. These are used to align common understanding with other project members and then for developing the further change and communication plan.

-   Develop a positioning of the new organization and the change (optional: development of vision and mission statements. The positioning shall clearly describe the unique proposition of the new organization and what differentiates it from others.

-   Develop messages that translate the core statement of the positioning for each individual target group as well as a powerful change story. The messages will, when approved by the project lead, be used for all further communication and change activities (in the execution of the comms and change measures, e.g. articles or videos).

-   Develop a communication and change strategy to achieve defined goals. This builds on the previous results, such as the positioning or messages.

-   Develop a communication plan and change roadmap with detailed measures and timeline, building on the previous results.

-   Develop an evaluation model to measure quantitative and qualitative outcome of communication and change activities.

-   Execute this communication plan and change roadmap, incl. content creation, trainings, workshops.

-   Execute evaluation activities as previously defined.

-   Provide consultancy on all the previously defined and developed communication and change topics to the project team and impacted leadership (defined group of people) who run the transformation in this function.

-   All results and documents will be reviewed and approved by BI.

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