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Boehringer Ingelheim

Change Management Consultant (m-f-n)

Posted Apr 21, 2021
Project ID: BIJP00000613
Ingelheim am Rhein
20 hrs/week
8 months
Starts: May 3, 2021
Ends: Dec 31, 2021
Payrate range

We have a central interest to understand which of our content is shared by BI representatives with Health Care Professionals. Allowing us to better understand what if of interest, in which format and style with the intention of continually improving the quality and relevant of the materials generated and made available. This will set the basis for future NextBestAction tools, and for multichannel consideration of Medical Scientific Liaison interaction.

In order to capture this data for analysis, it will require approximately 700 personnel across the globe changing current behaviours and practice, where all customer facing medical teams will need to consistently share material via our Closed Loop Marketing system ("Veeva").

Adoption Veeva CLM by Medicine personnel when engaging with Healthcare Professionals. This project will consist of 2 waves:

Wave 1: Consists of smaller cohorts within one specific Therapeutic Area, where the content (The Medicine Master Deck) hosted within the Closed Loop Marketing system is available and ready to be rolled out in support of the end users adoption (Q2).

Wave 2: Will be applying our learnings when rolling out wave 1 to all customer facing Medicine personnel, also considering additional stakeholders, changes and barriers as it will require change within the Therapeutic Areas (e.g. creation & hosting of content in CLM) as well as the end user adoption (Q4).

-   Design and development of an effective draft change management plan for the adoption of Veeva Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) by all customer facing Medical personnel representing BI globally. (one to one engagement with, one to many engagements, Advisory boards, virtually and in person meetings with Health Care Professionals via a laptop or iPad).

-   Develop a draft change management and communications plan, based on an initial briefing document provided by BI. Working independently to adapt based on the following:

-   Stakeholder analysis - Identification of the roles and functions that will require change management activities and communications as part of this project.

-   Evaluation, identification and documentation of additional barriers/opportunities.

-   Provision of an actionable change management and communication plan for approval, including

-   Actions/activities and communications to address the opportunities and barriers for the identified stakeholders.

-   Timelines/responsibilities

-   Based on approved Change and Comms plan, implement activities to plan and timeline.

Possible timelines to be kept

Wave 1 plans to be approved by BI by end May 2021.

Wave 1 implementation May - end July 2021.

Wave 2 plan to be approved by BI by end June 2021.

Wave 2 implementation July to end Dec 2021.

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