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Boehringer Ingelheim

Project Manager - BIAH Digital Commerce Program (m-f-n)

Posted Jun 1, 2021
Project ID: BIJP00000632
Ingelheim am Rhein
40 hrs/week
6 months
Starts: Jul 1, 2021
Ends: Dec 31, 2021
Payrate range

BIAH Digital Commerce Program

Project Description:

This service is requested as part of the BI Animal Health Digital Commerce Program. The Program's purpose is to drive the strategic implementation of Digital Commerce as a global B2B sales channel for BIAH, deploying the right solutions and organizational changes, in collaboration with global, regional, and local teams.

The purpose of the external contractor will be to execute and manage the implementation of global Digital Commerce solutions in BIAH, by bringing in and following product management expertise best practices, to be reviewed and approved by the Digital Commerce Program team.

The scope of services includes the following tasks, which are independently performed by the external contractor:

-   Manage a Global feature roadmap for BIAH's B2B Digital Commerce solution, developing its content based on local and global business outcome objectives. The roadmap will be based on existing technology already developed as part of the program, legacy functionality to be replaced, and local requirements from markets (to be specified by the Program team). The feature set and roadmap will be reviewed and approved by the Program team. All required information/requirements will be provided by BI.

-   Participate in planning sessions of upcoming strategic markets, with the goal of maintaining alignment to the established Global product roadmap.

-   Definition of customer journeys & personas for local implementations based on market requirements. Execution will take place through workshops with local teams, defined personas will be the basis for specific local user stories, if required.

-   Design of upcoming market MVPs for the rollout of the Global solution, through interviews/workshops with key stakeholders (in project meetings). Outcomes will be documented in the platforms to be indicated by BI.

-   Evaluation of specific local requirements (identified during project meetings) against existing/upcoming global solutions, with the objective of maintaining global standards.

-   Draw recommendations based on these analyses (to be conducted with local teams and other solution owners as required).

-   Validate MVP design and recommendations with internal IT and system owners and adapt accordingly.

-   Prioritize local requirements in accordance to Program timelines (to be provided by BI)

-   Execute and oversee the translation of product roadmap/MVP features into requirements (epics, user stories). Outcomes will be documented in the platforms to be indicated by BI.

-   Oversee execution and development of designed MVPs in target markets, according to the roadmap & plan approved by BI.

-   Identification of incremental use cases during planning phase (in project meetings), to be reported to program team. Any additional insight on possible Digital Commerce solutions that can support market teams must be shared with the Program team and documented in platforms to be indicated by BI.

-   Consult the Program and project teams on Product Management best practices, based on the contractor's know-how. Upon review and approval of BIAH, such practices may be implemented by the contractor in active rollout activities, to be defined based on the input.

-   Participate & co-create updates for key local/regional stakeholders. This includes the preparation of presentations & contribution to program reports, with content associated to the performed activities as described above. All content will be reviewed and approved by BI.

Definitions: BI = Boehringer Ingelheim, AH = Animal Health, B2B = Business to Business, MVP = Minimum Viable Product, Program team = Digital Commerce Program Manager & Core Team (includes members of IT and other key stakeholders)

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