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Boehringer Ingelheim

Project Manager (m/f/n)

Posted Aug 25, 2021
Project ID: BIJP00000665
Ingelheim am Rhein
40 hrs/week
3 months
Starts: Sep 16, 2021
Ends: Dec 31, 2021
Payrate range

Project description
The BI X Ideation & Scouting team identifies new digital product/service innovation ideas and develops them into initially validated digital product/service concepts. The aim is to provide meaningful, ambitious digital healthcare innovation to patients, Health Care Professionals, veterinarians, and animal owners.

Specification of services
The BI X Ideation & Scouting team is looking for consulting on generation and shaping of digital product & service initiatives, leveraging extensive BI-external digital healthcare expertise. Approx. 3-5 initiatives will be provided to the freelancer to work on independently and iteratively, including a list of BI experts to include throughout the process. 

Throughout each initiative, the following steps are required:
-   The information on the current status, updates, and relevant information has to be stored in the BI X ideation JIRA - approx. 4x week
-   Information and documentation on meetings and other activities shall be shared with the ideation team in project meetings - 1x a week
-   Gathering of information in scoping and update meetings with senior stakeholders of BI's business. Goal is to understand the idea / initiative, in order to be able to consult on next steps - 2-3x per initiative
-   Conduct user research - 5 days per initiative
-   Moderate design thinking workshops for BI X initiative development following the double diamond framework: from problem space to solution space. Goal is to develop an initial idea into a fully-fledged product concept. Per initiative:
o   ~2 days preparation, all prepared workshop templates, market insights, and introductory presentations will be reviewed and approved through BI X
o   ~2 days workshop, facilitate the workshop and lead the group of experts through the prepared exercises
-   Define problem statement
-   Define user groups
-   Define product vision
-   Define business logic
o   ~2 days post-processing, provide full workshop documentation in a professional PowerPoint document and define next steps to further evolve the generated product concept 
-   Based on the workshop results, develop draft of a digital product/service concept and review in project update meetings - 2-3x per initiative
-   Challenge idea owners on their product and service vision in feedback sessions, building on and drawing from extensive knowledge and experience in the digital healthcare space - approx. 1x week
-   Consulting on feasibility of the developed product concept as well as the minimum viable product (MVP) hypothesis
o   Develop and leverage an analysis framework
o   Conduct expert interviews and desk research
o   Provide a professional results presentation
o   2-4 days per initiative total
-   Consulting on user desirability oft he developed product/service concept
o   Conduct user interviews
o   Test product concepts with potential users
o   Provide a professional results presentation
o   2-3 days per initiative 
-   Create pitch deck to concisely present the developed product/service concept to senior stakeholders in 5-10 minutes using a professional presentation - 3-5 days per initiatives. Each pitch deck will be reviewed and approved by BI X
-   Handover of the project results to BI X, including all gathered information and insights - 1x per initiative

Consulting BI with external knowhow in digital healthcare to the team, BI X, and BI
-   Handover of the project results to BI X, including all gathered information and insights - 1x per initiative
-   Based on the extensive knowhow and experience of the contractor, provide insights and examples of digital product and service concepts from BI-external digital healthcare solutions or from other industries.
-   Consult on the newest and best-fitting methods to conduct ideation work.
-   Provide professional presentations to BI which will be reviewed and approved before internal use

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