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Boehringer Ingelheim

Product Designer - Senior UX Researcher/ expert (m/f/n)

Posted Sep 25, 2023
Project ID: BIJP00001017
Ingelheim am Rhein, Hybrid
40 hrs/week
1 year
Starts: Aug 1, 2023
Ends: Jul 31, 2024
Payrate range

Project name: Exandra

Project Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Remote with 25%-50% on-site in Burlington and user research in Canada

Project description:

EXANDRA is a clinical decision support tool, helping Health Care Providers (HCP) make informed guideline-based treatment decisions, aiming to close the treatment gap for Type 2 Diabetes patients.

EXANDRA provides HCPs with a patient-specific treatment plan based on the Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Background to the assignment

Exandra will be the first medical software product developed by BI as the legal manufacturer and therefore needs experts in the field of medical device development. One key function within the team will be a UX Researcher. The goal is to enhance our understanding of our customers (patients, physicians, pharmacists), establish user research practices and optimize our feedback loop. For this product UX is very crucial because it will be a differentiation factor to get competitive advantage. As it does not have suitable resources and expertise for this internally, the contractor holds a unique position and provides significantly different services than the internal staff.

Concrete, detailed description of services

The project team works in agile, blending scrum and Kanban, in sprints of 2 weeks, with the following ceremonies in addition to ad-hoc meetings:

1. Daily standup, 15 mins from Tuesday to Thursday, at 10:30am (CET)

During the daily standup, all team members provide an update on the tasks they have worked on the previous day. After that, the contractor works iteratively on their tasks.

2. Biweekly Sprint Review, Friday afternoon, 60 mins, with all stakeholders. During the sprint review, the team presents to the stakeholders an overview of the work done during the sprint and answers their questions. After that, the contractor works iteratively on his tasks.

3. Sprint Retrospective, Thursday afternoon, 1 hour, all team members discuss how the previous sprint went, what challenges occurred and actions for the next sprint are defined. The contractor will also provide their input in the discussion. After that, the contractor works iteratively on their tasks.

4. Biweekly Sprint Planning, Monday morning 1 hours. The Project Manager and the Development Team define what will be the tasks for the next sprint, based on the availability, priorities, and users’ feedback. After that, the contractor works iteratively on their tasks.

The contractor will provide the following service in adherence with BI standards

  • Active brainstorming, presentation of results and exchange with developers, UX designers, stakeholders, product owners and scrum masters on a daily basis to get feedback on the created deliverables

  • Create, revise, and execute a user research plan according to the research objectives.

  • Employ both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies accordingly to the research plan, for example conduct interviews in person (based on COVID-situation) and remote.

  • Analyze research data and present research insights in a meaningful way to drive product direction

  • Translate research insights into appropriate design artifacts

  • Iterate designs based on internal reviews and customer feedback

  • Monitor the success of implemented features and gather feedback regularly

  • Consult the product team in the transition to user-centered product development

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