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Boehringer Ingelheim

Developer (m/f/n)

Posted May 2, 2023
Project ID: BIJP00000975
Ingelheim am Rhein
40 hrs/week
1 month
Starts: May 22, 2023
Ends: Jun 30, 2023
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Concrete, detailed description of services

Crystal is an analytics software product for clinical trial operation that visualizes complex operational clinical trial data. It provides transparency and monitoring into BI clinical trial performance.

Crystal is developed using an Agile methodology, a blend of scrum and Kanban.

  • Iteratively (2 weeks timeframe) a defined scope will be commonly agreed upon which is being worked on together. The execution of the scope being worked upon will be organized by everybody, including the Contractor, individually and within their own responsibility

  • The consultant will work in 2-week Agile sprints, with the following ceremonies:

  • Daily standup - During the daily standup, all team members provide an update on the tasks they have worked on the previous day. After that, the contractor works iteratively on their tasks.

  • Biweekly Sprint Review - During the sprint review, the team presents to the stakeholders an overview of the work done during the sprint and answers their questions. After that, the contractor works iteratively on his tasks.

  • Biweekly Sprint Retrospective - All team members discuss how the previous sprint went, what challenges occurred and actions for the next sprint are defined. The contractor will also provide their input in the discussion. After that, the contractor works iteratively on their tasks.

  • Biweekly Sprint Planning - Product Owner and the Development Team define what will be the tasks for the next sprint, based on the availability, priorities, and user feedback. After that, the contractor works iteratively on their tasks.

The Contractor takes the role of an Agile Coach

The Contractor will provide following services based on his previous expertise & expertise in the Agile Coaching field.

BI will be providing all necessary information, documents, access to relevant systems and all other requirements in advance.

  • Coaching the team to enact and adhere to Agile values, principles, and practices via sprints and 1:1. The coaching is based on the contractor?s experience in an Agile Coach capacity.

  • Driving transparency regarding work packages, responsibilities, and product development flow within the team by asking questions in the agile rituals to ensure that everybody understands the motivation and current expectation of the agile team. If the coach or the team feel that there are still open questions, it is the job of the agile coach to continue encouraging conversations inside of the rituals.

  • Improving the self-organization of the team, within the direction given by the What and Why of the higher intent as described by Product Owner and Management, and the boundaries of the target operating model (?aligned autonomy?). The improvements will be written down and followed up upon at the retrospective.

  • Managing product development flow on the level of the individual product and/or a sub-portfolio. This will be tracked in Jira and Confluence.

  • Removing impediments by encouraging the team to take over the activity, and protecting the team from outside interference through addressing the interference among the involved parties and drawing their attention to Agile values and principles. If the team cannot handle impediments on their own, or in case of continued outside interference, provide a solution through the identification, briefing and consulting the key stakeholders: lower and/or middle management within CD&O of other functions and units at BI (or external vendors).

  • Preparing and Planning face-to-face and virtual team events as required by the product team. This includes regular team- and multi-team events such as review and planning meetings and retrospectives as well as workshops (Design Thinking) and bootcamps. The Agile Coach will organize and attend the meetings with the team and all relevant stakeholders of the Product Team. This may require the development of an agenda and workshop materials such as handout, presentations, and design thinking activity ecouragement. This includes the agile rituals, plus adhoc requests for f2f meetings, which will not occur more often than every 3 weeks on average.

  • Keeping abreast of and identifying trends in latest developments of Agile and other approaches to complex product development, in particular in the pharma industry and data science, turning derived insights into effective, efficient, and inspection-ready practices and frameworks (incl. external collaboration) in order to increase product development speed and product value.

  • The above mentioned activities will be documented in Jira and Confluence as well as other applications used within the scope of the team work like Klaxoon, Mural, Figma, and other such applications. This work will be turned over to BI for review and further usage.

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