Please note: the service contract for this position will not be concluded with Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH but with GULP Consulting Services GmbH

Boehringer Ingelheim

Brand Manager

Posted Mar 31, 2023
Project ID: BIJP00000960
Ingelheim am Rhein
40 hrs/week
2 years
Starts: Jun 1, 2023
Ends: May 31, 2025
Payrate range

The required service covers the following tasks that will need to be implemented independently by the contractor:

Managing of defined opnMe projects, Main task

Managing of concrete opnMe projects from the M2O, opn2EXPERTS, and/or M4C programs. This includes generation of relevant scientific contents for (digital) communication on organic and paid media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Research Gate, Adobe Campaign based on opnMe newsletter subscribers, opnMe news item, Springer Nature web banners, Google search and display Ads).

3.2 Defined testimonial creation / opnMe use cases - Communication on suitable internal and external channels

Creating testimonial creation based on input from external opnMe users: Generation of contacts and contents, translation into suitable communication stories, generation of output suitable for digital communication. The goal is to make available after each of the opnMe calls for a collection of success stories that we can share for BI?s internal communication.

3.3. Generation and maintenance of an Open Science intranet portal page (Sharepoint)

Generating and Maintenance of an Open Science intranet portal page that serves as a self-serving kiosk for scientists who require off-line training on the Open Science toolbox (including the opnMe program) and approaches. The portal page will include access to MS Office documents (powerpoint presentations), embedded short videos, and links and also includes written communication to the community in the form of emails. The opnMe Brand Manager will create and maintain this ?go-to-platform? page, generate contents in MS Teams documents on a continuous basis, and also create the videos with members of the opnMe team.

3.4. Congress Management/Planning

Managing/Planning of the participation of the opnMe team to international congress, where some advertising material will be prepared and where opnMe team members can give oral presentation or present posters. This also includes the independent planning of the set-up of the trip and the booth organization which is provided by an external? agency and involves additional colleagues of BI. Flank with suitable digital communication strategy using LinkedIn, and other selected communication channels (pre-, during and post-live posts and activities). Documentation of the conference as part of powerpoint deck and presentation and discussion to opnMe communication team.

3.5. Online seminar Planning

Planning of opnMe online seminars (colloquially referred to as ?webinar?) with external and internal speakers and internal and external stakeholders which are required to set up the ?webinar?. This also includes the independent coordination of the set-up of the ?seminar channel/platform? which is provided by an external IT external? agency and involves additional colleagues of BI. It also includes the planning of the set-up and monitoring of online registration process for external participants. Flank with suitable digital communication strategy using LinkedIn, Twitter, and potentially other selected communication channels (pre-, during and post-live posts and activities). Documentation of the campaign as part of powerpoint deck and presentation and discussion to opnMe communication team.

3.6 Flanking activities

Planning of photo sessions with scientists featured with BI or external photographers.

For all, obtain relevant consents from persons featured publicly to adhere to EU GDPR regulations. (Following an internally established BI process)

The contractor will independently create the mandatory publication content release(s) of materials generated as part of his/her tasks that require regulatory or legal review, following a defined internal process (BI internal approval processes).

For the internal clearance of social media communication materials, obtaining clearance via the internal GAIN process (together with Corp. Communications and an external agency).

For all activities, coordinate the generation of Adobe Analysis (AA) tracking links and integrate into selected communication materials (tracking links will be generated by intern). Generate actionable insights based on predefined and novel KPIs with help of AA analyses provided by an Adobe analyst. Presentation of insights to opnMe communication team.

For all activities, providing subject matter expertise advice on coordination and steering of paid media campaigns of various digital communication channels. Target groups are scientists or other specialists from academia, biotech, and life science who focus on defined subjects, such as molecular biology, translational work, digital topics across various fields with links to either human or animal disease with unmet medical need.

Key skills

• Working language is English. Command of German not required. 100% remote location possible.

• Working time should ideally be aligned with CET or GMT zone.

• Degree in natural sciences or in life sciences. Alternatively Master degree in communication or similar with very good comprehension of molecular biology.

• Proven professional track record in effectively communicating complex life science-related topics including pre-clinical science to target groups in academia, biotech, and pharma (and the general public)*.

• Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, ability to navigate in rapidly changing and complex environment and adapt to different personalities.

• Needs to be able to work indepenently and 99% Remotely.

• Profound knowledge and experience with scientific writing and modern communication methods and channels such as digital and Social Media.

All Activities above mentioned where documentation is needed will be in the mentioned format documented and overturned to BI for Review and further usage.

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